The Erosion

From pop culture icons, to loved ones, to sacred institutions, 2016 has been dominated by the palpable loss of things that have vanished. It’s trite but true: “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”  It’s for that reason that I know I’m going to look back on this year in sadness.

In terms of pop icons: Prince and David Bowie stick out to me the most.  Two stars who made a good deal of the music to the soundtrack of my youth have been silenced in 2016.  Both seemed to be permanent pop fixtures to me.  It’s hard to come to terms with something (or someone) that always seemed to be there, but is not now.

Democracy in America: I lie awake at night wondering if it too is vanishing before our eyes.  We hired a buffoon for “the job” and  right now The First Amendment and equal protection under the law for America’s citizens is under attack.

Most importantly, there’s my surrogate Dad.  He is a type of man that seems to have vanished from modern times.  He’s a stooping giant and kindness is his superpower.  He also has terminal bone cancer.  He will likely be the greatest thing (to me) that 2016 claims.

Where do I go from here?  When so many things I’ve counted on seem to have  vanished or  have been laid bare.  The only thing I can do is to just step carefully, and keep on going.  It is my duty to do so.




3 thoughts on “The Erosion

  1. I am sorry about your surrogate dad. Every type of cancer is horrible and, as a family who have witnessed it too many times, my thoughts are with you as you ‘step carefully’ and ‘keep on going’. God bless x

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