Olympus Tap House

Sisyphus, Tantalus and Daedalus were hanging out in a bar.
Tantalus stretched out for his drink, but it was just too far.
Sisyphus ordered up a Rolling Rock as Daedalus tried to take flight.
His two friends grabbed his gossamer wings,
And they sat there through the night.

Bacchus had way too much.
Cyclops was throwing darts.
Free drinks from the Midas touch,
And Eros broke some hearts.

Prometheus’ cigarette needed a light,
There was an ovation for Orpheus on stage.
Ares found someone to fight.
Cerberus growled in his cage.

Narcissus updated Instagram,
Cronus hollered, “Last call!”
Midas intervened once again,
With a round of nectar for all.


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