Where My Bots?

Welcome to Where My Bots? the website and online community that is a strategy for managing your life inline and online!

Your basic membership gives you access to the following 5 bots:

ObsequiBot – It seems like the world has its dial set to “tear you down”; let Obsequibot fix that!  From daily affirmations texted to you or left on your voicemail, to tailor-made motivational quotes delivered to your inbox, this obsequious little bot is in your corner!  He or she will never forget your birthday, and loves to send flowers!  Obsequibot will lift you up!

PolitioBot – Tired of the continual whine of politics online?  Let PolitioBot do the arguing for you!  With settings that range from nasty to civil, from tautological to devil’s advocate  – never argue politics again!  Our mobile app even allows you to to take PolitioBot to Thanksgiving dinner!  PolitioBot will also write your Congressman!

FanatoBot – Similar to PolitioBot, FanatoBot removes you from tiresome arguments about your favorite sports team.  Arsenal F.C. or Chelsea?  Michigan/Michigan State?  FanatoBot is in your corner!

ExcusiBot – This is the bot that will get you out of any volunteer engagement and will email your boss for you when you need a “mental health day”!

GambleBot – Give GambleBot a budget and turn her loose on your favorite trading site or let her be your personal sports book!

Imagine all the time you’ll have on your hands when you get these bots in your corner!  You can go hang out in a field with the others while you watch the electrical grid flicker.

The bots got this!


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