Junk Drawer

Stars and Harbors

Forgiveness is the line that keeps us moored,
When weather becomes a beast.
Kindness is a cove that shelters
When the wind roars in the east.

Hope is the promise, that once more,
We sail the calm seas of a storm free day.
Love is a gentle breeze blowing,
Sending us once more on our way.


Beep, Beep, Bop, Boop

lost-in-space-the-derelict-5Does not compute!  Does not compute!

Back to the old grid again after a good break. Back to work from home, place is too danged quiet, I feel like a castaway with a blood spattered, volleyball companion. Back to left brain stealing right brain’s lunch money.

Back to red exclamation emails.

Back to life, back to reality.

Well, reality yes, but work is not life. Life was this winter break.

Yes, I worked some, but there was a lot of not working and a lot of crying and laughing and enjoying and wringing it out. I’m smiling because it happened.

Whoops, job failure, deadline, coding bug, got to go.

Olympus Tap House

Sisyphus, Tantalus and Daedalus were hanging out in a bar.
Tantalus stretched out for his drink, but it was just too far.
Sisyphus ordered up a Rolling Rock as Daedalus tried to take flight.
His two friends grabbed his gossamer wings,
And they sat there through the night.

Bacchus had way too much.
Cyclops was throwing darts.
Free drinks from the Midas touch,
And Eros broke some hearts.

Prometheus’ cigarette needed a light,
There was an ovation for Orpheus on stage.
Ares found someone to fight.
Cerberus growled in his cage.

Narcissus updated Instagram,
Cronus hollered, “Last call!”
Midas intervened once again,
With a round of nectar for all.

The Stuff I’m Thankful For Collection

  1. Thankful that both my kids are healthy.  The male one is challenging, the female one, sometimes.  They are supposed to be that way though.
  2. I have a good wife.  She is selfless.  She puts the kids first, always.  She keeps me from going off the rails.
  3. I have “Loyal The Wagging, Wonder Dog”.  Her name is Zoe. Forever faithful, forever wagging.
  4. I live in a good town, I have a good community.
  5. My house is warm and in a safe neighborhood.
  6. I have a good job.
  7. Thank you Larry.
  8. Thank you second chance.
  9. Thank you third and fourth chance.
  10. Thank you sunlight, thank you blue sky.


I moved a post to the trash,
A constant whining and rehash
Won’t draw me closer to a truth
Or put a suture in my past.

Watched two turn to five,
Waiting for some little sign.
Then wishing I could find,
The off switch for my mind.

And daylight will creep, like a forgone conclusion
Light, shadow, substance, illusion.
Some clarity, some boggy confusion.
Can’t sleep and can’t think is the union
Of a place called insomnia.

What Do You Know For Sure?


  • People who say, “I hate to say it…” Don’t hate to say it.  They are dying to say it.
  • Humans are in the taxonomic family “Homo-No-Idea”, which explains a great deal.


  • 99% of the time, advice I give to my kids is stuff I should be doing too.
  • Humans are good at carbonating, plasticizing and antagonizing, love and trust them anyway.
  • The question of what is a successful day can be distilled down to two questions: 1.) Did I work hard? 2.) Was I kind?