America in the cross-hairs

They Want You To Be Overwhelmed

For the word today, we have a very timely entry: “overwhelming“. It’s the perfect word to describe this 25 hour news cycle, Trump never sleeps, “How is he f****** over America, now?” world we are living in.

As Jon Stewart recently noted, “The Presidency is supposed to age the president, it’s not supposed to age us.”

I was feeling overwhelmed. I removed Twitter and two news apps yesterday. I was just on a spinning wheel of news, oligarchy and angry Twitter. Being more unplugged, though unsettling at first, has been much better.

I think the key here is to recognize my constraints, put things in context and strike a balance between checking out entirely (call this the waiting for the mushroom cloud approach) and being an insane, news-aholic who is just angry, sad and feeling helpless to do anything about the direction things are heading in.

My TODO list, in this regard, the context I can operate under: keep contacting my senator and congressman to voice my disagreement with the orange buffoon in the white house. Donate some time during the next election cycle, give some money to an opposition group.

If I’m angry all the time, if I’m overwhelmed all the time, Trump has won.